An astonishingly good looping film about a boat trip that takes a turn for the terrible. A sharp, zippy script delivers shocks, confusion and twists upon twists built on the premise of a simple deserted ship scenario makes it one the best thrillers I’ve seen in awhile. It was marketed as a scarefest but once you get to the true end it makes perfect sense and doesn’t seem that much of a horror at all. 

I especially liked after 40 minutes you get a point where you wonder what else can happen. It’s almost like the finale midway through the film. Christopher Smith guides us expertly through this section and into the heart of the film. 

Having watched Home & Away through my youth it was fascinating seeing Angel (er, or Melissa George as she’s actually called!) hold the lead in this film. She was excellent and I’ll be looking out for more films with her in.

Triangle doesn’t outstay it’s welcome ad delivers plenty of punch before collapsing into a perfectly tied together knot. 90 minutes well spent.


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  • Monday 28th Jan 2013
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  • Christopher Smith Melissa George Liam Hemsworth
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